Friday, December 30, 2016


During our visit to Columbus for Maya's 5th infusion, Dr. Em sat on Maya's bed and in a very stoic tone, told Maya that she was a "Pioneer".  I cant help but think back to that day when I signed Maya's medical consent forms, I'm certain there was not a section called "Pioneer".  Six plus pages of risks and horribles, in very plain English, but nothing about Maya agreeing to be a "Pioneer".

Despite Dr. Em's proclamation, and there is some truth to it, I'd argue that there are so many other Pioneers that continue to step forward to battle Batten Disease.  At the risk of forgetting to thank others, I'd like to take a moment and thank the people of Columbus, Ohio for stepping forward in the battle against Batten Disease.

From the brave world class medical care at Nationwide Children's Hospital, to the unparalleled support of the employees of Nationwide Insurance, to sharing Maya's story, to embracing those who travel to Columbus for treatment, to bake sales, to providing us with a home away from home, to loving Maya and showering her with support, the people of Columbus have embraced our family, and many other Batten families, providing so many with unheralded love and support.  

For this, I am eternally thankful.


You know, its kind of funny.  A friend recently told me that she and her friends were really looking forward to my next post.  I kind of looked at her and thought, "You and me both, sister."

Seriously, there is so much to say, and so few words.

I keep looking back at all of the pictures from the last 7 months and I just shake my head in amazement.  We've blown past our #FightingForMaya goal for year 1 and raised over $100k. In under 7 months, we have funded the first two years of the four year research project at Texas Children's Hospital.  THANK YOU!!!

My heartfelt dream is that soon, when a parent receives this devastating diagnosis, their doctor will write a prescription and say, "I've heard of this disorder.  Here is a course of treatment for your child."   Ambitious, perhaps naive, but possible.  Just ask my daughter, the "Pioneer".


How is Maya?  Maya is a trooper.  She endures the pokes, injections, questions, new faces, old faces, security at the airport, boredom and so much more with a smile.

During the toughest moments, as she struggles with this disorder,  she will say "I don't want people to look at me".  

Its hard for her.  So very hard, but she is doing an amazing job.  We remain very hopeful that this treatment will stop the progression and restore some of the functionality that Maya has lost.  We remain vigilant.  


Below are a couple of recent pictures and a wonderful video of support from Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio.  Thank you Steve, Billy and Ralph.

As always, thank you for reading and for your love and support.


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  1. Thanks for the update, we love you so much Maya!